Hand-knitting patterns designed by Thien-Kieu

Cowl with a diamond motif, knitted in a light gray yarn.


An elegant cowl of stockinette diamonds framed by parallel lines of twisted stitches, which flow into a twisted rib hem at the top and bottom.


Natsuyo Cowl. A knitting pattern designed by Thien-Kieu Lam.


A lightweight cowl inspired by the early spring, when shoots begin to dot the ground. A leaf motif encircles the bottom hem, and the parallel lines of twisted knit stitches call to mind a trellis awaiting new growth.


Hat with a motif resembling a sepals on a closed bud, knitted in a chartreuse colored yarn.


Inspired by young buds, the main motif of the hat is reminiscent of sepals just beginning to separate, revealing a glimpse of the petals inside.


Parallax scarf is designed as a hand knitting pattern by Thien-Kieu Lam. The scarf is pictured draped across the back of a figure.


A richly textured scarf that combines twisted rib, cables, and borders of twisted stitches.


Asian woman stretches out the knitted cowl she's wearing with one hand.

Roots + Rivulets

Evoking the roots and rivulets that branch, entwine, and move through the earth, this cabled cowl has two options for the central motif.